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Snagging: Identification and reparation pursuit of defects

Once the apartments are finished, the developer will require that the owner or a representative of the owner inspects the apartment for the reception and acceptance process.

This service will cover the following tasks:

- Inspecting the apartment to identify potential defects

- Preparing and signing a minute in which all defects will be mentioned

- Taking pictures

- Preparing a presentation including the pictures further to the inspection

- Sending the presentation and the signed minute

- Inspecting the apartment to check that defects have effectively been repaired

- Further inspecting the apartment in case the reparation of the defects were not satisfactory in the previous visit

Signature representation

In order to maximize the profitability of our client’s investments, avoiding unnecessary expenses of flights, hotels, restaurants, etc., and through the corresponding Power of Attorney, we offer a service of representation to sign the necessary contracts in our client’s behalf:

- Purchase pre-contract

- Final purchase contract

- Sale purchase agreement

- Final sells contract

- Etc.

This service includes the contract preparation, as well as the verification by our lawyer and notary.

This service can be included in other services; for example signing the rent or sell contract is included in the “Letting” and “Selling” services if we either rent or sell the apartment.

Utilities set up

The utilities providers usually ask for the contracts to be on the apartment’s owner name and not on the tenant’s name.

This service will cover tasks like:

- Registering the utility contract on the owner’s name

- Paying the fees corresponding to the contract

- Making sure that the utilities connections are set up properly and functional.

- Sending the necessary documents to the accountant (if the owner in a company)


In Romania the properties are usually rented out fully furnished (including the TV set).

This is one of our “star services” as we offer standard packages, at very competitive prices from our clients’ point of view. We work with the different furniture providers in Romania such as IKEA, NEOSET and MOBEXPERT.


Our "Letting" service is another of our “star services” thanks to our innovative approach.

Unlike real estate agencies, we present the properties of our clients as our own; therefore we always offer the property as privately owned. This way we reach more potential tenants as they know that they will not have to pay agency commissions and that they are dealing directly with the owners’ representative.

In order to cover geographically the entire market, we collaborate with a network of local real estate agencies.

This service also includes the preparation of the rent contract (drafted after years of experience and reviewed by our lawyer) and inventory, the signature representation and the contract registration with the fiscal administration.

Rent management

Once the apartments are rented out, a number of tasks have to be carried out for the rent management in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

GRUPO FDP, through this service, will accomplish the following tasks:

- Collect the monthly rents

- Manage the tenants complains

- Manage the damages that may occur

- Open bank accounts (if necessary)

- Deposit the rent in our client’s account (if the tenant cannot do a bank transfer)

- Manage the fiscal obligations

- Sign the apartment’s inventory (when the tenant enters the apartment)

- Periodically visits to the apartment in order to check it’s condition

- Represent the owner in the condominium meetings

- Make sure that the payment of the utilities is done

- Manage the tenant’s exit of the apartment


Our "Selling service" is one of our “star services” due to our innovative approach.

Unlike real estate agencies, we introduce ourselves as a representative of our clients' properties and we therefore always offer the property as privately owned. This way we reach more potential buyers as they know that they do not have to pay any agency commission and that they are dealing directly with the owners’ representative.

In order to cover geographically the entire market, we collaborate with local real estate agencies to maximize the selling opportunities. This service includes the preparation of the selling contract, the signature representation and the selling contract registration with the fiscal administration. The contracts are always checked by our lawyer and notary.

Company set up

For legal and fiscal reasons, many investors make their investment through a Romanian company in which they can be the sole shareholders.

GRUPO FDP will incorporate the Romanian company on behalf of the foreign investor, and to be more specific:

- We register the selected name of the company with the Trade Register

- We look for and establish your company address

- We incorporate and register the Romanian company

- We make the necessary stamps for the Romanian company

- We open the company bank accounts

- We sign for accountancy services for the company

Company administration

Once the Romanian company is registered, the following monthly tasks and payments are requested.

This service will cover the following tasks:

- Opening the company bank accounts (if necessary)

- Making the stamps on behalf the company (if necessary)

- Signing for accountancy services (if necessary)

- Invoicing rentals on behalf of the company

- Paying the company registration office

- Paying the accountant

- Signing the accounting documents

- Requesting the monthly bank account balances of the company

- Paying taxes

- Managing the Company correspondence

- Delivering the account balances and invoices to the accountants

Tax payment and contract registration

Although we include both tax payment service and contracts registration as part of other services, a number of clients did not make the compulsory contract registration after its signing and they did not pay the corresponding taxes.

So we decided to offer this service separately when needed.

Property insurance

On top of the compulsory property insurance, we offer complete insurance packages (theft, furniture, etc.).

Other services

After being operative for more than 10 years in Romania, GRUPO FDP is collaborating with the best professionals from various sectors; do not hesitate to ask us about these services:





Cleaning services

Property Evaluations

Mortgages broker


Project management

Official translations


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Gary, UK investor in Greenfield “All the staff from Grupo FDP was very helpful when I was in Romania and they looked after me very well. I was very happy with the way Grupo FDP managed my apartment after a very bad experience with another management company and they handled the sale of my apartment very professional .” Steve, UK investor owners of 4 flats in Greenfield “I was then given Grupo FDP as a contact and having been badly stung once already I was very skeptical about another agent, however I have been extremely pleased with the excellent service and level of professionalism that they have provided since they took my 4 properties on and I had them all re-let very quickly I would have no hesitation in recommending them to use as you will receive the level of service that you expect a professional company to provide” Sebastian proprietar al unui apartament in Bucuresti “Am inchiriat prin intermediul Gupo FDP apartamentul meu situat intr-un complex rezidential din Bucuresti. Intreg procesul a fost rapid si transparent. Sfaturile lor privind implicatiile legale si fiscale au atins puncte la care nici nu ma gandeam si mi-au fost de un real folos” Nigel, UK investor, owner of 3 properties in Bucharest “I wish we had property agents here as good as Grupo FDP! The entire staff from Gupo FDP are always so nice, helpful and efficient. It is much appreciated”

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